State Champion Ships

Sorry I haven’t put up a post in a while I have been real busy this year I will try to keep up to date. I am going to tell you about me going to State Champion ships.

On a Saturday morning I went to Bendigo to compete at the State Champion Ships in Bendigo I was competing in the hurdles, in the heats I came 1st out of everyone my time was 10.57 seconds and in the finals I got 11.45 seconds.In the finals I came second in the hurdles by point 0.1 of a second. It was a close finish with me and a girl we both cross the line but my foot was on the line her head was over the line so she won that. Here is the link to there website

Question Time,

Have you ever gone to state Champion Ship before?

What sports are you good at?

My school Holidays

Hi everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sorry I haven’t put up many post last year but I will try to keep updating post I have been so busy.   

I hope everybody is having lots of fun these schoolholidays. It has been so busy first was Christmas then second was New Years Day and Eve and soon it’s Australia day.

5 days ago it was my birthday I turned 9 and it was the best birthday and day I had ever had my whole life. I had a party at TimesZone in town  and I invited : Alana , Andrew , Liam , Dana , Amelie , Zoe , Connor and Mackenzie my cousin  we had a great Time some things we did was Lazer quest Liam won and I came 4th, basketball  racing cars and lots more. I got a purple card that allows you to give you 200 points, we could only play 10 red and 20 yellow.


Now we have talked about my birthday Lets talk about Christmas.

When I woke up I was jumping on my mum and dad so they can get up so we can open presents so I woke my sister and my brother too.

When I opened my presents I got Slim Disk Rip stick iPod Glitter lamp makeup box diary on a wimpy kid books cloths fishing rod and lots lots more.

After we open presents we went to Melbourne to have lunch with our family (cousins aunt uncle) then we went to Mitiamo for a night(Mitiamo is 40m from Bendigo) . On boxing day it was really hot in Mitiamo  it was 40c so we went to the pool there it was fun and then we went home.


My highlights so far are 


My birthday

Going to Portalington

having Alana sleeping over

Having water fights with my dad


Question Time

what are you doing these holidays?

What did you get for Christmas?

what’s your highlight so far?

Things I love

Hi everyboady today I am going to do a post about the things I love.

I love playing with my friends and family they make me feel safe and happy.

I love looking at all the medals and Trofies I have won.

I also love playing on the computer because I have lots of games on it.

Last but not least I love reading Magazines and they also keep me up to date.

My sister and my brother love playing with their toys alot. My brother loves his Hot wheels and my sister loves her Barbies and I love my i Pod.

Thats it for today but I need you to answer some Questions for you.

What are your favourite Toys and why?

Do you like toys?

My Top Ten Favourite Songs

Hi today I am going to tell you about My Top Ten Favourite Songs. Some of the song might be in your top ten Favourite songs.

10. That should be me by Justin Bieber

9. Ready or not by Bridgit Mendler

8. One more night by Maroon 5

7. Chasing the sun by The Wanted

6. As long as you love me by Justin Bieber

5. Na Na Na by One Direction

4. Up all night by One diection

3. Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian

2. Boom Boom by Justice Crew

1. Everything about you by One Direction

They were my top ten favourite songs.

If you had notice there was a few one Direction songs it is because I really love One Direction my favourite singer is Louis William Tomlinson by the way he is mine forever and ever.


What are your favourite songs?

How is your favourite singer and why?

Why do you love Music? 


Year Three

 Hi everyone today I’m doing a post about year three.

In grade three we are starting to do joined up writing with no pens just with greylead.

Grade 3 can be hard because we have a napplan test coming up so we have to do a lot work.


Every morning at 9:00 am we sometimes do relays or walk and talk around our oval it is a lot of fun.

In our class we have stars and if we do a good job at PE, Art and others if we earn 5 stars we get to do anything we want  for an hour only if it’s a movie.

We have a great teacher named Mr Heenan is is very very very very nice and we have a student teacher named Mr P we call him he is also very nice as well as Mr Heenan.

We are all from Leopold Primary School.

What Grade are you?

What is you favourite part about life/school ? and how do you enjoy it?

Welcome back everyone

free glitter text and family website at

 Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about my holidays!

Here in Australia it has been school holidays for 6 weeks and everyone had lots of  fun of course.

I think that some peoples highlights were CHRISTMAS how could we forget christmas. For christmas I got an iPod touch and clothes.

In Januray it was my birthday but I did not have a party.I got lots of presents and my favourite was my bike.

On a Tuesday Jordi and I hung out for the day. We went to Jarrilinga  that was fun ( if you want to know what Jarrilinga  is well then I’m going to tell you) Jarrilinga  is a wildlife park with lots of bush animals. We also went to the beach and Jordi and I went in very deep water with the body boards. There was a big wave and Jordi and I went under it was really fun. After we had a swim we had a rest and I nearly fell asleep. After we went to the park and there was a tap and i did not know it was a tap so I turned the it on and then it went all over me and mum was not that happy.

On hot Friday we went to the Movies to see ” Alvan and the Chipmucks 3 ” it was a great movie.

On another Friday  Mum, my sister Olivia  and i went shopping with my birthday money. We went at 10:00 am and came home at 8:00 pm.

One stinking hot thursday I went to Adventure park  becase it was that hot and there was lots of people there and I got a bit lost but dad found me.

On Christmas night my couins came for 2 nights and Olivia stayed up talking to our cousin Drew all night long because they were in the same room they were driving me crazy.

A few day after boxing day our couisns from NSW came over for a week and one of my cousins were sleeping with Olivia and the other cousin was sleeping with me.


School  is almost back and on the last day of school we got to know who our teacher was and my teacher is…..


 Mr Heenan

He is a really nice guy.

What did you do on the school holidays?

 How did you enjoy your holidays?

What was your  highlight of the school holidays?

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone today it’s christmas and I have lots of prestents.

This is my snow man

People some times like to make gigerbread , fruit and lots more! One thing I like is cupcakes because they decerate them well and they taste good too and one thing I really like on the capcakes is the icing cause its yummy.

Here is a photopeach I made.

School has finished on PhotoPeach

One thing I liked in our class was making a book called Santa’s blogging Adventurewe had to draw a picture each and we loved it so much Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan made a copy for all of us so we could draw our own pictures and give it to someone like our mum or dad.

Now I will tell you what I got for Christmas because this is the best Christmas I ever had for a while.

  • i Pod thought
  • Clothes
  • Dolls
  • books so I can read a lot more books at

and lots more.

I have loved the school year with my family , friends and teachers I had a lot of fun learning with friends and teachers.

Now school has finshied so on the last day of school we had to spend time with our teachers and my teacher is called Mr Heenan.He loves to use computers , travel and teaching. He is very nice.

One thing I loved on Christmas day was moving into our new house it has been 3 years my dad has been building this house. I just loved getting my own room.

Happy new year

How did you spend your Christmas?

How did you spend it with

What did you get for Christmas

My Trip to Mitiamo Vic Aus

Hi everyone today I’m going to do a post about Mitiamo because on Saturday I went there and on Sunday I came back .

Mitiamo was fun but hot and it rained a little bit. The reason is that it was  my great auntie’s birthday.

When we first got there we had a talk to people and said ” Hello ” . We also went to the pool as well and it was called Miti pool.

We got back from the pool and so we had to get dressed for the party, I was dressed in a dress and I had saddles with the dress.

It’s was a really late night.The party started at 6:30 and finished until everybody left. I went to bed at 1:00 in the morning and I got a bit carried away with the chocolate fountain and the cake ( which I don’t like cake but I really eat the icing  off the cake was yummy.

I also had fun with a girl named Gorg (Gorgia) and her boyfriend Mitch.We did lots of thing like eating together , taking photos , watching a movie , resting and  having fun.

Gorge , Mitch and I are going to be writing letters to each other because we were meant to write letters last year.

Here is a photo peach I made

Mitiamo on PhotoPeach

Have you been to Bendigo or Mitiamo before?
If you went there what would you do?
Do you know anyone that lives in Mitiamo or Bendigo?

Elf yourself

Hi everyone today I’m doing a post about………

It’s a good time to share this website because it is almost Christmas.

Click here too go to Elf your self website.

I learned this website at school and it is a website that you can make 6 or 5 elves. (photos or people)

You should try this at home and share it was your family and friends it would be nice if you made one and put it into your comment and I will check it out also I would reply back to you.

You get to chose a dance of you or someone. Here are some of the dances

  • Funck
  • Hip hop
  • Disco
  • 80s
  • County
  • Singing
  • Surf
  • Charleston
  • Classic

Here are some links of the Elf yourself’s videos

I hope you like my viedos and I hope you have a laugh.

What do you think of the videos?

Have you made one and what was it about ?

If you made one what was it about?

Also Jordi has put up a post about it too

Summer is here


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Hi evryone on today I thought that I could do a post about:

Summer and it’s because that it is the first day of demeber and the first day of summer.


In Ameica they would be having winter.


The stuff that I like to do are going to Avuenter Park , holidays , going to the beach , going out with friends and having fun with my family. In geelong there is a beach call Easten beach and it is one of geelong’s favourite beaches and there are lots of bolards to see and you will see a rabbet on the bolard.

Also in Janurary it’s my birthday and some family will spend the day with them.

Summer can be fun and it inspirs me because it can be very hot and sometimes warm but when it comes to really hot days and the mozies come out they always get me it can get really anouing.

When we have time we get to do lots of  stuff like going to the park, having fun with my friends, blogging,  going shopping with my mum , being along withour my sister  and spend time with dad of couse.

When I go on a holiday to somewhere I always would pack summer stuff even though it might be cold but I don’t feel that cold but in the one didget numbers I can get cold.



What do you like to do in summer.

What’s your favourite sesson?