Summer is here


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Hi evryone on today I thought that I could do a post about:

Summer and it’s because that it is the first day of demeber and the first day of summer.


In Ameica they would be having winter.


The stuff that I like to do are going to Avuenter Park , holidays , going to the beach , going out with friends and having fun with my family. In geelong there is a beach call Easten beach and it is one of geelong’s favourite beaches and there are lots of bolards to see and you will see a rabbet on the bolard.

Also in Janurary it’s my birthday and some family will spend the day with them.

Summer can be fun and it inspirs me because it can be very hot and sometimes warm but when it comes to really hot days and the mozies come out they always get me it can get really anouing.

When we have time we get to do lots of  stuff like going to the park, having fun with my friends, blogging,  going shopping with my mum , being along withour my sister  and spend time with dad of couse.

When I go on a holiday to somewhere I always would pack summer stuff even though it might be cold but I don’t feel that cold but in the one didget numbers I can get cold.



What do you like to do in summer.

What’s your favourite sesson?


7 thoughts on “Summer is here

  1. Dear Millie,

    Happy summer to you! It will become winter here in America on December 22. That is when the northern hemisphere has the winter solstice. Here is some winter solstice Information

    Summer is my favorite season. I like the warm weather, eating meals outside on the patio, and going for bike rides.

    Do you ever eat dinner outside?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs Yollis. :razz: :smile:

      Thank you for your fantastic comment.

      Also that you for the link it was very nice.

      Sometime I only eat dinner out side and it is really when I go to someones place or on a BBQ or a birthday something like that.

      You friend,

      Millie :lol: :cool:

  2. @ Millie,

    Wow, I love this blog post and I love summer! I think summer is my
    favourite season. Is it your favourite season too?

    I like to swim, have a laugh with some friends and go for a play in the park with some friends. Do you like what I like to do? If yoiu don’t say in your reply.

    I think I love your post because you put heaps and heaps of effort and information into your posts, so well done Millie! If you do posts like say you went to SAdventure Park on the weekend and you wrote about it you make me think that I’m at Adventure Park and you also make me think that I’m going down all them rides like what Charlotte did with her post on the Bay FM website and also on her blog. Do you think that happends to you?

    Well happy blogging and happy typing! Ha ha ha! (Happy typing blog posts)!

    Your real and true blogging friend,

    P.S. I think more people will leave comments on your blog hopefully, and I hope you can approve them and fix the comments if they don’t have heaps of comments!

  3. Hi Millie,

    My name is Meg and I’m from Ireland. It’s winter here and it’s very cold! We have to wear hats and gloves everyday. We are expecting to get snow soon.

    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful summer! In summer I love having water fights and picnics and going on holidays. Have you ever been anywhere exciting on holidays?

    From Meg.

    P.s I really love your blog! Goodluck in the edublog awards :)

  4. Hi Millie,

    Great blog post.

    I absolutely love summer! It is my favourite season.

    If you want to see my favourite things to do in summer I will give you this link to my blog and it will take you there and feel free to leave me a comment. :smile:

    I just saw a comment from a girl called Alexandra. She also left a comment on my blog oh and check out her blog too. It’s awesome!

    I hope you enjoy reading my blog post and bye the you have a great blog post too.


    Ps- You know your under the sea widget it’s a little big. At school on Monday do you want me to make it smaller for you?

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