Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone today it’s christmas and I have lots of prestents.

This is my snow man

People some times like to make gigerbread , fruit and lots more! One thing I like is cupcakes because they decerate them well and they taste good too and one thing I really like on the capcakes is the icing cause its yummy.

Here is a photopeach I made.

School has finished on PhotoPeach

One thing I liked in our class was making a book called Santa’s blogging Adventurewe had to draw a picture each and we loved it so much Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan made a copy for all of us so we could draw our own pictures and give it to someone like our mum or dad.

Now I will tell you what I got for Christmas because this is the best Christmas I ever had for a while.

  • i Pod thought
  • Clothes
  • Dolls
  • books so I can read a lot more books at

and lots more.

I have loved the school year with my family , friends and teachers I had a lot of fun learning with friends and teachers.

Now school has finshied so on the last day of school we had to spend time with our teachers and my teacher is called Mr Heenan.He loves to use computers , travel and teaching. He is very nice.

One thing I loved on Christmas day was moving into our new house it has been 3 years my dad has been building this house. I just loved getting my own room.

Happy new year

How did you spend your Christmas?

How did you spend it with

What did you get for Christmas

One thought on “Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

  1. HI Millie,

    Great post!

    Wow! You have moved into your new house. Amazing!

    Next year we are moving . BUT still going to L.P.S!

    Merry Christmas, Millie! Oh and a happy new Year!

    Who I spent Christmas with… ?
    I spent it with my pa and Shirl. Now Tyler is at our house to stay. He came home Boxing day with us! Tyler says “hi”…

    What I got for Christmas?
    I got a I-pod touch from my mum and dad. From Mags I got some clothes. From Lilly I got bathers… Oh and from SANTA I got a i-pod charger. It can also play music!

    Jordi :razz:

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