Welcome back everyone

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 Hi everyone today I am going to tell you about my holidays!

Here in Australia it has been school holidays for 6 weeks and everyone had lots of  fun of course.

I think that some peoples highlights were CHRISTMAS how could we forget christmas. For christmas I got an iPod touch and clothes.

In Januray it was my birthday but I did not have a party.I got lots of presents and my favourite was my bike.

On a Tuesday Jordi and I hung out for the day. We went to Jarrilinga  that was fun ( if you want to know what Jarrilinga  is well then I’m going to tell you) Jarrilinga  is a wildlife park with lots of bush animals. We also went to the beach and Jordi and I went in very deep water with the body boards. There was a big wave and Jordi and I went under it was really fun. After we had a swim we had a rest and I nearly fell asleep. After we went to the park and there was a tap and i did not know it was a tap so I turned the it on and then it went all over me and mum was not that happy.

On hot Friday we went to the Movies to see ” Alvan and the Chipmucks 3 ” it was a great movie.

On another Friday  Mum, my sister Olivia  and i went shopping with my birthday money. We went at 10:00 am and came home at 8:00 pm.

One stinking hot thursday I went to Adventure park  becase it was that hot and there was lots of people there and I got a bit lost but dad found me.

On Christmas night my couins came for 2 nights and Olivia stayed up talking to our cousin Drew all night long because they were in the same room they were driving me crazy.

A few day after boxing day our couisns from NSW came over for a week and one of my cousins were sleeping with Olivia and the other cousin was sleeping with me.


School  is almost back and on the last day of school we got to know who our teacher was and my teacher is…..


 Mr Heenan

He is a really nice guy.

What did you do on the school holidays?

 How did you enjoy your holidays?

What was your  highlight of the school holidays?

4 thoughts on “Welcome back everyone

  1. Hi Millie,
    I had a wonderful holiday.I loved it when you came over for a sleepover! that was fun. I had lots of play dates. this is who I had the play dates with, Charlotte, Eden,Dayna (2), Jessica (4), Emily and ofcourse you.

    My cousons came over for Chrismas to. Some of the things I got for Chrimas are a Zhu Zhu puppy, a bike, 22 books and lots lots more.
    Ihope you had a woderful holiday Millie.

    From Zoe.

  2. Hey Millie My name is Corey Waldon. I am a student at the University Of South Alabama. For a classroom assignment in my EDM 310 class i am to leave a comment on your blog.

    First of all I just want to say I am glad you Had a good Christmas Break. I read that you got an ipod touch. I also have one, I think it’s so cool. I also read that you had a birthday in January. Sounds like it’s been a busy two months for you. Before I go I just want to say HAPPY Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!

  3. Millie!

    Wow! I also own an iPod touch. I have a birthday in January too!! My birthday is on the 21st. When’s yours? I loved reading your blog. I would love to be able to spend my Christmas holiday in Australia! I am here in Alabama and it’s not strange for me to hear that it’s hot during Christmas because we have crazy weather! We never know if we’re going to have a winter! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    Emily :)

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