My school Holidays

Hi everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sorry I haven’t put up many post last year but I will try to keep updating post I have been so busy.   

I hope everybody is having lots of fun these schoolholidays. It has been so busy first was Christmas then second was New Years Day and Eve and soon it’s Australia day.

5 days ago it was my birthday I turned 9 and it was the best birthday and day I had ever had my whole life. I had a party at TimesZone in town  and I invited : Alana , Andrew , Liam , Dana , Amelie , Zoe , Connor and Mackenzie my cousin  we had a great Time some things we did was Lazer quest Liam won and I came 4th, basketball  racing cars and lots more. I got a purple card that allows you to give you 200 points, we could only play 10 red and 20 yellow.


Now we have talked about my birthday Lets talk about Christmas.

When I woke up I was jumping on my mum and dad so they can get up so we can open presents so I woke my sister and my brother too.

When I opened my presents I got Slim Disk Rip stick iPod Glitter lamp makeup box diary on a wimpy kid books cloths fishing rod and lots lots more.

After we open presents we went to Melbourne to have lunch with our family (cousins aunt uncle) then we went to Mitiamo for a night(Mitiamo is 40m from Bendigo) . On boxing day it was really hot in Mitiamo  it was 40c so we went to the pool there it was fun and then we went home.


My highlights so far are 


My birthday

Going to Portalington

having Alana sleeping over

Having water fights with my dad


Question Time

what are you doing these holidays?

What did you get for Christmas?

what’s your highlight so far?

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